Award Categories

The Kenya WhatsApp Impact Awards 2023, powered by 4BM recognizes the achievements and contributions of disadvantaged individuals and communities across various categories, empowering them to rise above challenges, inspire others and drive social impact. The overall winner will then be crowned the title, medal, and trophy of the Most Resilient 4BM.

Recognizing the Social Impact Driver of the Year from Kenya’s bottom millions who have made the most significant contributions to improving the lives of marginalized communities with scarce resources and negligible or no support.

Celebrating talented artists, musicians, performers, and writers from Kenya’s bottom millions who have created positive change despite the scarcity of resources or platforms.

Acknowledging individuals from Kenya’s under-resourced ecosystems who have developed innovative projects or launched successful solutions to solve for grassroots most pressing social challenges.

 Honoring educators, mentors, and advocates from Kenya’s bottom millions who have made a positive impact on marginalized individuals’ lives and assisted them to overcome societal limitations in assessing skills for employment and job creation.

This is a rare Environmental Stewardship Award recognizing individuals and communities working towards deepening the climate adaptation and mitigation agenda with scaleable environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives despite the socioeconomic obstacles.

Celebrating individuals or groups from Kenya’s bottom millions dedicated to improving the health and overall well-being of marginalized populations with limited access to universal health care and any form of insurance.

Embracing unlimited gender and social inclusion enthusiasts aiding both men and women, boys and girls to transcend gender roles and glass ceiling for impact.

Leading the Way for Unity and Equality on WhatsApp Singling out individuals concerning themselves with peaceful co-existence, quest for justice and cohesion among the vulnerable, volatile and at-risk populations.

Weaving Self-Reliance and Business Success Rewarding personalities whose central concern is to promote and find opportunities for decent livelihoods with entrepreneurship as the best alternative to joblessness, deviant behavior and crime.